It Starts with a Seed

It Starts With a Seed is a project we have always dreamed of having the chance to create. Our production team was small and nimble. Everyone on the crew had many years of experience, which was the only way our team could pull it off. We spent two days filming in Marysville, OH. To accomplish this style of documentary filming, we had to consider the location, time of year, and what it would take to respect the time of the farmers and distillers.

  • Clients

  • Core Team

    • Creative Director: Drew Collins
    • Director: Andy Eggert
    • Director of Photography: Jason Hambach
    • Editor: Andy Eggert
    • Colorist: Jason Hambach
    • Audio Mastering: Jay Alton
  • We were able to start the day at sunrise to plant crops.

In early creative discussions, we decided to use the Arri mini for principal photography due to its workflow and beautiful sensor. Our DP, Jason Hambach, chose to use Arri Standard Speed Prime Lenses simply because of the character they would bring. The entire series was shot on those prime lenses. In addition, we would occasionally implement a Sony FX3 with the Venus Optics Laowa 12mm Full-Frame lens. It let us mount the camera quickly on tractors or other machinery for a unique perspective. The camera also has internal stabilization, which helped with how quickly we had to move. Time of day was a big part of this series. On all of the farm mornings, we arrived plenty of time before sunrise since that is the best quality of light for the style of this series. Unfortunately, that sometimes meant a 4 am call time, but it’s just another day in the life for a seasoned film crew.

“I think farmers in general are eternal optimists, you have to improvise a lot and be adaptable at almost every aspect of what we do.”

— Matt Cunningham